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    Customer success specialist

  • We are changing the way people build and own businesses

    Today, the best companies are built by people living in the world's largest cities. We’re making it easier than ever for anyone to build a feasible commercial venture, wherever they live, with only meritocractic indivduals recommended by our recommendation engines. All without the upfront cost and admin of researching complex corporate laws, navigating compliance, worrying about filings, contracts and accounting.


    In addition, more people worldwide can get contribute to these businesses without moving countries, as companies can progress faster by utilising such people, financial capabilities, secure corporate laws and effieicnt tax laws, that has advantaged many of the best businesses in the world's largest cities. We aim to make utilising such advanced econmic efficiencies attainable for people regardless of where they are by providing commercial tools and efficiencies that they may not have locally. Thus we are better, smarter, faster for anyone building any kind of business and still provide the freedom and mobility for users to move, live, and work anywhere without a worry.

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  • Customer success specialist


    Home inefficiencies and lack of financial systems should no longer dictate how companies and individuals grow their wealth. InProved sees a world without being subjected to inefficient taxes and transaction redtapes. We offer global citizens and companies all the tools they need to grow commercial wealth. We aim to foster a diverse global economy by building a generational platform that seamlessly connects individuals and companies with efficient laws and systems worldwide.


    We are constantly looking for customer success specialists around the world to onboard users interested to create commercial ventures leveraging Singapore. Your role requires you to understand your clients' problems and ambitions well enough to present our ready-made commercial company plans to them. If heping others' grow and feel secure are things you can feel passionate about, then you would appreciate learning our commercial ventures are built and exited from Singapore, thus making you ideal for the role.

    Requirements and responsibilities

    • Identify your target markets and type of users most relevant for your skills and experience
    • Develop a vision and strategy for clients by assessing their strategy as a business to assist them in using our commercial tools to achieve their goals
    • Perform outreach strategies, such as private messaging, social media postings, to generate users and sign-ups
    • Build deep and trusting long-term relationships with clients by identifying partner pain points, providing solutions, and recognizing opportunities for growth and revenue generation
    • Creating data driven recommendations by accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing large data sets
    • Problem solving and solution implementation across our platform internally on behalf of your clients
    • Working with the product and operations teams to drive high impact improvements
    • Perform regular data verification and cleansing and recommend verified data to InProved users


    • Have previous experience in at least one of the following: fast growth startup, top-tier management consulting, investment banking, or private equity
    • Have banking, finance or commodity experience
    • Relationship builder who remains calm and collected when facing crisis or criticism and celebrates partners’ successes with them
    • Quantitatively-inclined and data savvy; you may not be a SQL expert, but you will need to learn to verify information, draw quick, insightful conclusions from complex data sets, asking critical questions, and synthesizing raw numbers into simple, actionable recommendations
    • A reliable, motivated self-starter with a passionate growth mentality. You enjoy fast-paced environments, aren’t deterred by setbacks or pivots, and thrive in roles requiring a very high degree of responsibility
    • Have a solid track record of achievement - e.g. had success in a top tier company, delivered quantifiable business impact, quickly assumed responsibilities or won competitive awards
    • Have a strong analytical foundation with ability to manipulate and synthesize data
    • Are curious by nature and interested in making an impact
    • Have excellent written and verbal communication in English and one other South Asian language

    Rewards and Renumeration

    • Product and Sales training is provided to all potential advisors
    • Attractive upfront payouts
    • Ongoing and residual payments
    • Other bonuses from building your own team
    • Opportunity to formalise it as your own businesss
    • Upgrade to advisor and exit potential for your own business
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