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    Commercial advisor

  • Brief

    We are constantly looking for commercial advisors around the world to help create commercial ventures leveraging Singapore. Your role requires you to understand your clients' problems and ambitions well enough to present our ready-made commercial company plans to them. If heping others' grow and feel secure are things you can feel passionate about, then you would appreciate learning our commercial ventures are built and exited from Singapore, thus making you ideal for the role.

    Requirements and responsibilities

    • Proactively learn the reasons for holding companies and why they will benefit local economies
    • Set targets for sales closures
    • Implement outreach campaigns and messaging campaigns based on target markets and service lines
    • Execute targeted marketing plans for each client segment based on their specific problems and needs
    • Initiate and maintain relationships with prospective clients by providing ongoing support and consultation about our services
    • Present our services online through various digital channels, including linkedin, fb, instagram, forms, groups and email newsletters
    • Organise webinars, seminars, conference for marketing staff to attend to meet with prospects
    • Create new opportunities for growth by identifying new markets and potential client segments that could benefit from our services
    • Measure effectiveness of messaging campaigns by tracking data such as messages sent, number replied, number of appointments scheduled and conversion rates
    • Recommend changes to existing services based on input from clients
    • Resolve any issues that may arise during the process of completing a sale
    • Provide sales support service to clients by answering questions about services offered


    • Good understanding of digital soft skills
    • Good communication skills, writes fluent and grammatically correct English and a local language
    • Good problem-solving skills so as to provide solutions to close a client
    • Relentless, Unwavering, Persuasive and Convincing digitally
    • Knack for doing something, Resilience to finish something, Consistency when doing something

    Rewards and Renumeration

    • Product and Sales training is provided to all potential advisors
    • Attractive upfront payouts
    • Ongoing and residual payments
    • Other bonuses from building your own team
    • Opportunity to formalise it as your own businesss
    • Advisor options and exit potential for your own business
    • MDRT, COT and TOT tiers
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