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  • How does it work?

    1. Create an account
    2. Invite your networks as shareholders and directors
    3. Schedule board advisory sessions to confirm their ambitions
    4. Formalise their virtual business
    5. Do 1-4 again and again

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  • Three ways to profit by advising with us

    Become Our Advisors

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    Create virtual businesses

    Monetise your relationships by creating and promoting virtual businessses leveraging advanced economy privileges

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    Consult virtual businesses

    Consult your virtual businesses, upsell and upgrade their virtual business plans and earn elephant incomes.

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    Provide remote services

    Provide your skilled expertise, such as management consulting or investment banking services and earn even more.

  • Get renumerated monthly

    Become our Advisor and you’ll be paid more than 20% for each new virtual business created. Continue to work with each virtual business to earn serious passive income for the next 5 years or more. Scale your virtual business creation using our centralised dashboards and make much more.

    We provided unlimited trainings so that you are well aware of what benefits virtual business brings and who exactly benefits from them. We will also provide a bunch of marketing resources and campaigns to make your conversations a breeze.

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    Turn your consulting skills into new revenue

    Are you a consultant, finance professional, lawyer or accountant interested in helping to build sustainable income for yourself and others? Then you'll want to continue to work with us so we can help guide you to bring in new capital sources and protect your rightful share of the business.

  • Provide your best services to them

    Are you a corporate services provider, marketing agency, IT firm, consulting firm or financial advisory seeking new clients? Then join us to work with the business that we have onboarded together. Let these business leverage your expertise and value proposition, and combine that with the stable, transparent and liquid business environment that we can offer. Everyone will then have a good chance of exiting from the business in this manner.

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  • Why should you advise with Us?​

    Become Our Advisor

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    We can help you or your clients gain a financial exit from Singapore

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    We know exactly how to access new markets anywhere in the world

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    We protect you, the board, shareholders and stakeholders

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  • What else do you get .... at no charge

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    Board advisory sessions

    We will hold board advisory sessions with you and your networks to advise how to leverage advanced economy privileges to retain wealth and expand predictly. You can reserve as many board sessions as you like. Sessions are attended only by directors, resident directors, promoters and advisors like yourself. The objective is to make you and your networks feel confident that you will thrive in a global environment.

  • Frequently asked questions

    What is a virtual business? 

    Virtual business is a legal business entity created usually in a less volatile economy such as Singapore. It comes complete with the financial accounts and payment solutions that allows the Virtual business to collect capital around the world and all the appointments of officers, directors, shareholders and beneficial

    Do I get financial accounts like bank accounts under the virtual business?

    Yes you do. You get unlimited number of bank accounts under the virtual business. All accounts are created only virtually or

    Do I own the virtual business 100%?  

    Yes you do. You own the virtual business that you create 100%. You do not need to share ownership unless you want to. 

    Do I make all the final decisions if I am director of the virtual business? 

    Yes, you make final decisions if you have controlling interest, as shareholder or beneficial owner, in the virtual business. So to make a decision, such as opening a financial account, you can propose a virtual board session, which is attended by other directors under the virtual business. You and the other directors will evaluate the decision together and ratify (sign-off) on the decision. This process allows you to be informed on the pros and cons of any decision. 

    I am majority shareholder of the virtual business but not a director. Do I still have decision-making power? 

    Yes, you will be participating in executive general meetings (EGM) virtually which are held whenever there is a major decision, such as appointment or removal of a director, legal issues and any issue (such as evaluating an offer for shares).

    How are business decisions initiated and made?

    This is one of the main difference between kimbocorp and other providers. We cultivate the decision-making process, as much as you desire, so that all decisions big and small, especially decisions where you require advise in, are made suggested, evaluated, approved and ratified, during virtual board sessions.


    So whenever you feel you need advise, suggestions or brain-storing, we always want to hear from you (our motto) and you only need to schedule a session with the board members of your virtual business and discuss during that session. No topic is too big or small.


    Ratification can be done via ordinary resolutions or extraordinary resolutions, carried out during the virtual board sessions, which are categorised as Ordinary general meetings or Extraordinary general meetings.

    How do I move money into the financial accounts under the virtual business? 

    You can deposit capital into the bank details under the virtual business or utilize kimbocorp.com’s share capital service to do so. You can also sell products or service under the virtual business, as per the business activity of the virtual business, and receive capital in the form of revenues. Note that there could be a tax exposure when receiving capital in the form of revenues.  

    Can I appoint directors into my virtual business? 

    Yes you can propose and appoint directors into your virtual business if you are also a majority shareholder of the virtual
    business. There is no limit in the number of directors, local or foreign, under your virtual business, except that they must be at least 18years of age, not a bankrupt or convicted for any criminal malpractice.

    Can I nominate my family members as beneficial owners? 

    Yes you can. You can nominate your family members as beneficial owners of the virtual business so that the assets ultimately go to them. 

    I am based in India. How does virtual business help me?

    Virtual business allows you to hold international currencies from the sale and monetization of assets, usually intangible assets, under the virtual business.


    You get to sell products or services and hold revenues and its retained earnings safely in the virtual business, with the least possible exposure to local economic volatilities, so that the amounts you keep under the virtual business always hold its value. This means you can pay yourselves salaries or pay expenses and enjoy the myraid of business deductibles for tax purposes.


    You can also benefit from simply holding financial assets under the virtual business, in the form of share capital or paid-up capital, and use it as a family office for the benefit of yourselves and your descendants. All entities and accounts are created and managed virtually and carries the same legal recognition internationally as any Pte Ltd entity.


    Best of all, you benefit from the pro-business environment and wealth hub status of a safer economy like Singapore and enjoy first-hand Singapore’s tax residency statuses like any other formalised business.

  • Create #virtualbusiness on-the-go

    It's here. Advisors can now build virtual businesses anywhere, anytime, safely and securely. Invite your networks as shareholders and directors and ultimate beneficial owners, schedule board advisory sessions and convert their virtual businesses into formalised business entities.

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