Capture one global demograhic by email marketing

Capture one global demograhic by email marketing

1,100.00 - 3,000.00
What we will do

1) advise on the appropriate target demographic audience (e.g CTOs in Industry XXXX) for your product or service
2) advise on cold email content and subject title
3) set up simple emailing marketing process
4) extract the first 15,000 contacts from this target audience

What you will get
1) 15,000 curated contacts from your target audience demography
2) email marketing tool (paid)
3) first and second cold email content
4) 1-1 coaching on how to write, launch and engage with this audience consistently

Things to note
1) valid for 1x target demographic audience
2) maximum 90 days project turnaround
3) provision of contacts will be delivered in batches of 1,200
3) contacts of more than 15,000 would be additional
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More Details

1. Get into a position where you will continuously have meetings to attend with potential customers

2. The project points your business in the best possible position to engage with a target audience in a specific demographic continuously

3. Expected return for customer

  • expected IRR for cash on cash = >200%

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